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Landscape Design Services

On-Site Landscape Design Consultation

The initial meeting takes place at your home or office to evaluate the space, your desires and to get to know the individuals that will be using the space. An interview with everyone who will be using the site, will let me know how the space is going to be used. This helps me to create a design that is tailored for you, and the site. Whether itʼs a patio, outdoor kitchen, or the entire site, I want to design a space that is warm, inviting, and reflects the style and taste of my clients.

Master Plan and Garden Design Budget

After the initial meeting, I will create a design from the interviews and space analysis and put together a working budget that corresponds with the design.

Garden Installation

Once the design is finalized, I will oversee the project from start to completion. Through my years of experience, I have worked with the best contractors that I trust to help make the project come to life. From the best plant materials, to the softest outdoor fabrics;  only the best products will be used to make your space the best it can be.

Landscaping Maintenance

Michael Pullen Designs offers monthly maintenance for your site to insure that it always looks its best.  A weekly or bi-weekly service is available.

The following is included in the service.
  1. Weed all planting areas.
  2. Trim and prune trees and shrubs as needed.
  3. Regularly scheduled fertilizing for all planting areas.
  4. Monitor and treat any pest or disease .
  5. Annual color plantings.
  6. Sprinkler seasonal adjustments and monitoring.
  7. Landscape lighting bulb replacement.
  8. Clean patio areas.
Michael Pullen Design will customize services for each clients needs and desires. Whether its preparing the space for an event, or seasonal color change, we can make it happen!

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